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Audio Engineer, Professional Musician

Kona Askari made his way to Hawaii via French Polynesia and California in the early 1990's. He studied Hawaiian music/language and Forensic psychology at the University of Hawaii at Hilo in the early 1990's as well as playing live music. Kona also played live music with bands like Moemoea and Sudden Rush while living on the island of Hawaii residing in Keaukaha. After Kona arrived in Oahu in 2001 after graduating from UH Hilo with a undergrad in psychology and minor in Hawaiian studies, he immediately went to work studying audio engineering and music. Kona began playing with bands in Oahu such as B.E.T, Natural Vibrations, Kanalo, Kawao, Cultural nation, and his Co-started band Tempo Valley. After playing thousands of live shows and assisting multiple bands as a hired studio musician and professional guitarist, Kona began studying audio engineering via Tech mUZE academy and was certified as an audio engineer in 2014 while building his own music studio. Currently, Kona produces many Hip Hop and local reggae bands as well as mixing and pre-post production works. Kona has a fully functional recording studio as well as two decades of audio and music theory comprehension. Kona is a self taught classically trained guitarist as well as a loyal member of the mana maoli collective since its starting in 2001.
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