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As students learn their Academics, Business, and Culture (ABCs) through
the theme of music and multimedia, graduates will be college/career ready,
culturally grounded, and community-minded.


Our ultimate aim is for Academy graduates to earn a high school diploma through music and multimedia, demonstrate college/career readiness, business savvy, and strong cultural grounding.  


Curriculum development began toward this goal in 2010. To date, we have developed curriculum maps for grades 9-12 showing how a student can earn the academic credits in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies needed to graduate, as well as over 150 lessons developed in alignment with these maps.  


Mana Mele curriculum is being piloted across our 12 partner schools - primarily Hawaiian culture-based charter and immsersion schools. Each lesson integrates at least one academic content area, and 1 of 3 threads - Hawaiian Language & Culture, Multimedia & Tech, and Business & Career. 


Along with Academy curriculum and its Mentorship Program, the Mobile Studio is used as a classroom on wheels, at live school and community events, and to create interactive, digital “Knowledge Resource Products,” which include:


-Documenting the stories and wisdom of our kupuna, traditional mele (songs), and oli (chants)

-Student-driven products – audiobooks, e-magazines, instructional videos, and public service announcements

-Most products will be place and culture-based, and shared across schools and online



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