Mana Maoli's Board of Directors

John Cruz - Chair

John has supported many nonprofits over the years. For Mana Maoli, since 2001, he has donated his time and talents across dozens of shows and media appearances in Aotearoa and Hawaii, as well as original recordings across 2 CDs. He has personally visited a majority of Mana Maolis partner Hawaiian Charter Schools across Hawaii, Kaua'i and O'ahu islands, and donated multiple audio recordings and a music video of an original song he did with Jack Johnson. John played a key leadership role representing Hawaii and Mana Maoli during our cultural exchange and tour across Aotearoa. As a Grammy award winning singer and songwriter, John is known around the world as one of Hawaii's most popular and respected artists, for his recording, touring, writing and producing abilities. John has served as Mana Maoli Board President since February of 2015.

Wayne Enos - Secretary


Wayne Enos is a longtime musician and Mana Maoli supporter. He was the 1st teacher of our 1st year long afterschool/elective class to teach our ABCʻs – Academics, Business and Culture – through music, in 2010, and has taught numerous short-term to year-long mentorships since. He traveled both years to Aotearoa for school visits, cultural exchanges and performances, taking on leadership roles each time. Wayne also made multiple CD, concert and media appearances in support of MM and the Hawaiian charter school movement. He is the founder and leader of Natural Vibrations, one of Hawaii's favorite reggae bands over the last 20 years.


Camille Kalama - Member


Camille Kalama is a 2005 graduate of the William S. Richardson School of Law. In 2006, after clerking for one year at the Hawaii Supreme Court, she joined Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation. She was involved in the Polynesian Voyaging Society and in 2001 was named NCAA Woman Athlete of the Year for the state of Hawaii. Camille joined Mana Maoli in

February 2010 and was Mana Maoli’s board president from February 2013 to February 2015.

Theone Kanuha - Member

Theone is a long-time community leader of Papakōlea, a Hawaiian Homestead and 1of Mana Maoli's host communities. She has served as the President for Kula No Na Po'e Hawaii, an educational 501c3 nonprofit that serves at-risk families in Papakōlea, for 26 years and counting. She brings over 30 years experience working at Stevenson Middle School, with a focus in Special Education. She created and maintains a community garden in Papakōlea.


Lopaka Colon - Member


Lopaka is 1 of MMʻs longest standing supporters since inception in 2001, contributing countless school visits, mentorships, and MM event, media, CD and video appearances. Lopaka's father, the late Augie Colon is widely regarded as the ʻgrandfather of percussion’. Lopaka is the percussionist for many well-known artists and bands in and out of Hawai’i, including Henry Kapono, Michael McDonald, and Mick Fleetwood’s Island Rumours Band.