Mana Maoliʻs current focus is the Mana Mele Project.  With many strong partnerships, there are endless possibilities moving forward.

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Halau Ku Mana - Mana Maoli will continue to provide grant support and facilities as needed for HKM. Mana Maoli was awarded a 30-year lease by the DLNR in 2007, and currently subleases this 5.3 acre parcel to HKM at $1/yr, along with the portable buildings and related infrastructure that comprise HKM’s campus.  


Kanehunamoku Voyaging Academy (KVA) - After the completion of two remaining Mana Maoli grants that focus on Kanehunamoku and related programs, KVA will be operating independently, with its own nonprofit status and governing board, as noted above. With KVA’s growth and independance, both KVA and Mana Maoli’s board are able to have a more specific focus, with Mana Maoli focusing on support of HKM and its own Maoli Music program.


Maoli Music -  Currently, the primary focus of the Maoli Music program is fulfilling its commitments as a primary partner of the Mana Mele Project. With many strong partnerships, there are endless possibities moving forward - for our clients, youth, schools and larger communities that we serve.