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"I've grown in confidence, I never would have been confident without this class. I feel lucky to be here. I feel comfortable. Here I can be myself. I feel happy being around people who love music as much as I do. I learned to play 'ukulele and sing a lot better. I think mana mele can help with my career."

— Kainoa, Halau Ku Mana

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"Finally, after graduating from HKM, I was offered a position as social media intern, which I continue to do through today. Mana Maoli gave me many opportunities that I definitely took advantage of by participating in programs and events. These programs and events allowed me to build confidence in myself and gain experience with singing.


I also improved my social ʻpeople’ skills, learning different aspects of event planning and promoting, learning tips for performing onstage, learning reading, writing, history, and culture as I learned song lyrics. Without Mana Maoli I don’t think I would be as confident in myself as I am now."

— Kamali'i, Halau Ku Mana Alumni

"I have learned about music, science math and reading could actually be used in music, and I learned how to play an ukulele in a few different keys.


This class actually made me overcome my fear of standing in front of people singing and standing in front of people doing speeches. Now i have singing classes how to overcome my fear of singing and speaking in front of people. It helps me pay attention in class more to singing cause i used to like to talk a lot."

— Keolaoli, Ke Kula O Samuel M. Kamakau Haumana

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"Kumu Nakana taught us about science, through music, and math and reading and writing.


My favorite thing was singing in our groups, and just learning about how mele is connected to lots of things like science, math, reading...


Mana Mele gave me a better understanding of how mele can be used all the time, at school or outside, or even if youʻre not even singing, there is sound all around you, its caused by vibrations."

-- Eweleiula - Ke Kula O Samuel M. Kamakau Haumana

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— Name, Title

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"By participating in this program, it gave me a sense of pride in my culture. It has taught me history, geography, plants, language and also how people express their love. It helped me to appreciate various genres of music, different writing patterns and teaching styles. Music truly is the universal language of the world. It breaks barriers and creates a better connection of all man kind. Students can benefit from programs like these in school because it gives them a time and way to express themselves."

— Kau'i, Ke Kula O Samuel M. Kamakau Haumana

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"I learned the importance of passion - and learning from others' mistakes instead of my own."

-- Makawalu - Halau Ku Mana Haumana

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