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University of Hawaiʻiʻs MELE Programʻs mission is to promote the business and profession of music in Hawaiʻi across the board from song writing and record production to contracts and career management.

Based at Honolulu Community College, MELE (Music & Entertainment Learning Experience) utilizes a comprehensive music business and production curriculum meeting the requirements for entry-level training of music industry and production professionals. The curriculum focuses on combining academic experience with real-world applications to prepare students to work in the rapidly evolving global music industry of the 21st century. The program core offers a rounded curriculum grounding students in the basics of the music industry, sound recording and the business of music.


The MELE program offers two distinct degree paths. The Associate of Science (AS) in Music Business & Production and the Associate of Science (AS) in Audio Engineering Technology may be earned during a four-semester sequence:

  • AS in MELE Music Business & Production: This curriculum requires special focus on business related courses, including accounting, business law, and economics, as well as music business courses. Music business courses include a survey of the music business, music publishing, intellectual properties, and others.

  • AS in MELE Audio Engineering Technology: This curriculum focuses on the engineering and production of music recording. Audio engineering courses include studio production, audio engineering, and studio maintenance and electronics.


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