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The Mana Mele Project

Mana Maoli and MELE are excited to present the Mana Mele Project, featuring an unprecedented Music & Multimedia Academy and Hawaii’s first state-of-the-art, 4-in-1 Mobile Studio powered by solar energy. See below and attached for more about MELE and Mana Maoli.

The Music & Multimedia Academy – an advanced, hands-on approach to educating Hawaii’s youth.

  • As they learn their Academics, Business, and Culture (ABCs) through the theme of music and multimedia, graduates will be college/career ready, culturally grounded, and community-minded.

  • A key feature of the Academy curriculum is connecting youth to mentorships with local musicians, engineers, videographers, and event planners/promoters – on campus and in real-world settings.

  • We are currently developing and piloting curriculum across 10 community and environment-based, charter schools on Oʻahu and Kauaʻi. Once complete, students will be able earn all the Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies credits, needed to earn their high-school diploma.

The 4-in-1 Mobile Studio – Audio & Video Production, both Live Event & Studio capabilities.

  • Bringing education and resources to keiki by providing a classroom and studio on wheels. In 2016 we will be extending outreach from the current 10 partner schools to 16 schools

  • On their own campus, students record kupuna archives and traditional or original mele/oli, create informational, instructional and promo videos, audio books, and more.

Why a Music & Multimedia Academy, and a 4-in-1 Mobile Studio? For Excellence, for Clean Energy, for Community, and for Keiki.

  • Excellence – Premier digital and analog equipment designed for industry professionals, available as a learning and storytelling tool for Hawaii’s students during school hours, and to provide high-caliber service and products to Hawai’i when used by professionals.

  • Clean Energy – The mobile studio provides reliable and renewable energy for events, recordings and school workshops, via mobile solar panels and generator, and full battery backup. It is cost-and-energy efficient with cleaner sound.

  • Community – Offering Hawai’i access to top local musicians, engineers, and videographers who support community-based education, through:

  • Live Event Services - power, sound, entertainment and recording (audio/video)

  • Studio Products - audio and video; i.e - PSA's, music, kupuna archives, instructional/promo videos

This will serve as a means to simultaneously provide real-world mentorships for youth, and social enterprise options to those who want to support Mana Mele’s program offerings, and the collective of on and offstage artists who support the project.

  • Keiki – Mana Mele supports our keiki through direct program services (as described above), and through providing Hawai’i Live Event Services and Studio Products (also described above), where net proceeds support these program services, and students can mentor with experienced industry professionals in real world settings.

Based at Honolulu Community College, MELE (Music & Entertainment Learning Experience) offers college degrees in Music Business & Production and Audio Engineering, with curriculum that balances academics and real world application. Formed in 1999, Mana Maoli is a nonprofit that founded and supports Halau Ku Mana Public Charter School, and runs a Maoli Music program that has primarily served Hawaii’s culture, community and environment-based charter schools. Now, MELE and Mana Maoli are honored to serve Hawaii’s community at large with the Mana Mele Project.

To Support the Mana Mele Project click on the link:


Instagram: @mana_maoli

Twitter: @mana_maoli

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